Expedition by a dog-sled and snowmobile with under-ice fishing

This is a serious expedition which requires to be physically fit and be morally ready to long duration of frost and unplanned situations.

A small expedition to the Circum-Baikal railway

This is not a difficult route over the ice of Baikal along the Circum-Baikal railway

South Baikal Triangle

Simple trip for everybody without any requirements

A day-trip by a dog-sled

This is a light and pleasant trip in case you have no time but would really like to try dog-sledding

Along the Circum-Baikal railway

Simple interesting trip by dog-sled for everyone without any reqirements

Sable fairytale

Unforgetable trip for ones who ready to leave comfort to see the real beauty and feel the real life

In search of the “masters of the taiga”

Fascinating walking tour with a ranger in the Pribaikalskiy National park

A trip to the wild taiga forest

This is an interesting route along the winding taiga paths.

Following the traces of gold miners

 To see the beauty of the Siberian taiga, high cedars and fluffy firs, abandoned gold mines moving by forest or/and Baikal ice


Ski-joring is translated as “towing a skier”.

Travelling from east to west

A serious expedition to the most beautiful places