Expedition - is the Door
to another World!

What is friendship, freedom, courage and life itself – for You?

Blessings of civilization and sophisticated concepts took place of sincerity and truthfulness. We are lost behind our businesses and stereotypes. Not to eat at night means willpower? To sign a contract becomes the purpose of being? What really matters? Who are We and what is really Real?

The answer lies beyond the bounds of the habitual world, beyond the hustle of everyday life. Want to know how you can get there?

Welcome to mysterious Siberia and find out who You really are!

Be Offline.
Be Off-road.
Be Yourself!

What is Baikal expedition corps?

We are an association of professional guide-instructors which has a representative in Moscow. We have organized about 600 expeditions for 12 years, some of which are unique.

We own the region’s biggest qualitative machinery and equipment base for all kinds of traveling (quads, snowmobiles, jeep cars, UTV, kayaks, trimaran and others).

We live and breath Baikal, that is what lets us show Baikal to our guests the way that no other tour-company can, from the inside, behind the scenes, all its almightiness and diversity, with real dangers and wonders. Thus you will fall in love with it forever and dream about coming back to its shores.