Baikal is the most deep and clean lake on Earth

What do you know about Baikal?

Baikal has been around for some 25 million years now. The Great Lake keep 22% of the world reserves of fresh water. Its located at the latitude of 456 meters, long for 636 km. and wide for 48 km. averagely. This is the deepest lake on earth which features the max depth of 1640 m. according to the latest research accomplished by the bathyscaphes Peaces. Its fed by 336 rivers, the largest tributaries are the Selenga River, the Upper Angara, the Barguzin, and its emptied through one river, the Angara. The Lake features 27 islands, the largest of which Olhon. The lake freezes over in January and becomes free of ice in May. Flora and fauna of Baikal numbers some 1800 species, 3/4 of them are endemic.