Team building includes corporate activities which lead to a more cohesive team environment and building a real team. A real team consists of people who follow the same ideas and who work in cooperation with each other much more effectively than people formally unified. Why corporate events are essential? Here are some reasons. 

They help to:

- let your team get to know each other, to learn more about your partners and distributors, dealers and representatives.
- engage a team and maximize the effectiveness of cooperative work
- improve communication skills and abilities to act in extreme and unplanned situations
- improve mutual understanding and practical skills for effective cooperation
- to increase motivation for achieving common goals
- to create and strengthen comfortable working environment
- to increase brand level among staff and customers

There are various corporate events. Billiard and bowling team competitions, paint-ball or strike ball games, parties in recreation and retreat centers, etc. But most of such events people forget in just a couple of weeks. If you are interested in memorable and challenging experience with the new communication level, if you want to know everything about your colleagues and co-workers with the help of fun-filled activities, if you are looking for exciting emotions and real drive – here is the best option: try team-building on Baikal lake

While designing an itinerary for a team-building event we consider the following factors: sphere of business, corporate culture, company structure, age and gender of workers and level of their physical condition.

All the activities are presented in a fun-way team competition. All games have such tasks as finding a solution for various logical tasks, treasure hunting, collecting points, etc. All the tasks are intended to build cohesive team environment by supporting members of the team and mutual help. Games have different stages for individual, pair or group competition.

The activities may have some special idea or devoted to a special holiday, like any professional holiday or a scenario game: Pioneer camp, Evenk-nomads, Winter sport games, Spartakiada or reality-show.

Our team-building will give you a chance to forget your age and work status, they will return your to your childhood dreams, make you feel the taste of adventure, - just roll up your sleeves and get involved.

Your PR-manager or any administrator may participate in itinerary planning if needed. The help of sociologist, psychologist or team-building specialist is also possible. You may choose any of team-building activities which are already designed or we can make an individually-designed program according to your demands.

All events are coordinated and conducted by experienced professionals and we provide the highest level of safety.

Participate and enjoy ice and snow games, fire and rope competitions, fun and absolutely serious tasks, fireworks and picnics, fishing and crossbow-shooting, hiking and quad-rides, quest-games, jokes and much more! These and any other fun activities upon your taste will.

Baikal Expedition Corps have more than 12 years of experience in organizing and holding various corporate events in Baikal lake area. We are ready to help any corporate customer to minimize his time, effort, save money and - most important – nerves while preparing and organizing any corporate event.